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“Oddly haunting.”

During April of 2006, I ran a recording studio at Mercer Union. Passersby were stopped and asked to sing, from memory and with no practice, the Beatles’ Yesterday. They were given headphones with an instrumental track to help them out. If they couldn’t remember the words, they were told to “just make it up.” Everyone was paid a $5.00 performance fee. I then took all the versions recorded and created several different mixes including:

-A mix featuring 60 layered individual tracks of people trying to remember the words to Yesterday.

-Several solo versions featuring the most unique and made up lyrics.

Download Yesterduh

Listen to WYNC’s segment on Yesterduh

Limited to 200 copies, CD is packaged in a 3 color silk-screened LP sleeve with a 12 x 16 metallic ink print and a copy of the exhibition essay.

Some copies still available from Art Metropole (click here).

Yesterduh is also available on The Definitive Host

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