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BRIAN JOSEPH DAVIS is the author of Portable Altamont, a collection that garnered praise from Spin magazine for its “elegant, wise-ass rush of truth, hiding riotous social commentary in slanderous jokes.”  Slate called his novel I, Tania, “The book of your fever dreams.” A co-founder of the literary website Joyland, his writing has been recently included in Against Expression: An anthology of conceptual writing (Northwestern University Press) and Always Apprentices: The Believer Presents 22 Conversations Between Writers.

His music and theater productions have been acclaimed by Wired, Pitchfork, Salon, and LA Weekly, which wrote, “Davis has an amazing head for aural experiments that are smart on paper and fascinating in execution.”

His work has appeared in  The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Utne, People Magazine and The Believer. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Emily Schultz. Together, they write scripts.

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