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Always Apprentices (Believer Books)

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“Always Apprentices collects five years of intimate, wide-ranging conversations with many of today’s most prominent writers, taken from the pages of the Believer. The participants don’t limit themselves to issues of writing and craft, but instead offer unfettered exchanges on a wide range of topics—from what it means to be a consumer to whether or not to kill a deer, from how we get to know each other to walking while inebriated. The interviews feature the serious-yet-casual Believer approach to the often staid interview format.”  Includes a talk between Mark Leyner and me.



Richard Prince: American Prayer (Gagosian Gallery/BND)

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A look into Richard Prince’s private library and his influences, published on the occasion of an exhibition of the artist’s work at the Bibliotheque nationale de France, Paris.  Artist Richard Prince is renowned for appropriating icons that capture the American cultural zeitgeist, such as Marlboro cowboys, femme-fatale nurses, and muscle cars.  Includes my essay, “The Endangered Literary Recluse.”


The Composites (Joyland, 2012)

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“Incredible…IQ84 meets CSI.” The Atlantic 

“Brilliant, and refreshingly unsentimental.” The Guardian 

“A mashup of high and low culture.” CNET 

One of the most popular web art projects of the year is now in book form. Using police-style composite sketch software, artist and author Brian Joseph Davis smashes author descriptions and reader interpretations together to create uncanny, compelling portraits of literature’s most infamous criminals, outsiders and anti-heroes. Includes 45 images from throughout literary history, full-color design, an essay on the evolving nature of character and fiction in the digital age and excerpts from authors Herman Melville, Charlotte and Emily Brontë, Victor Hugo, Bram Stoker, Gustave Flaubert, J.-K Huysmans, and Thomas Mann.

All royalties from The Composites will be donated to Joyland Magazine. Since 2008 Joyland has had a mandate to support and publish emerging authors from across North America and around the world. This money will help Joyland—funded only by donations and grants—continue to find the best in borderless fiction. 

The Consumed Guide (Insert Press, 2012)

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The Consumed Guide is thousands of negative words and phrases from 13,090 reviews by Robert Christgau assembled into a single review by Brian Joseph Davis. The music critic Sasha Frere-Jones called The Consumed Guide “ Awesome.” LA Weekly wrote, “Davis has an amazing head for aural experiments that are smart on paper and fascinating in execution.”

The Consumed Guide takes music criticism and renders it obsolete.” Kenneth Goldsmith


I, Tania 2007 (ECW Press)


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I, Tania

“If punk rock was a book, this would be it. Brian Joseph Davis’ I, Tania—a (super)fictionalized (auto)biography of Patty Hearst—is fast, hard and totally about screwing over the Man. Davis manages to mock the rich, the pig middle class, revolutionaries, the media, Bad News Bears, Don DeLillo and Katie Couric without breaking his stride, all while serving a heaping plop of Marxism for Dummies. But be warned: I, Tania only really appeals to four groups—Weather Underground fugitives who now watch a lot of VH1, pinko-intellectual college students who did a lot of coke in the bathrooms of their elite high schools, terrorists and super-smart post-hip PW readers who use Pop Rocks as their infallible guide to all that’s truly supergroovy in the increasingly balkanized melange of insanity and inanity that is modern pop culture.”

— Alli Katz, Philadelphia Weekly

SLATE said: “When I first pulled Brian Joseph Davis’ I, Tania from the new arrivals shelf, I narcissistically wondered if it was an elaborate hoax. Its apparent themes coincided so perfectly with my personal obsessions—the Symbionese Liberation Army, 1980s sports stars, Marxist-Leninist linguistics, kidnapped heiresses, suicidal rock stars—it seemed like a custom Build-a-Bear of a novel created just for me. ..Rarely have the rules of narrative been more imaginatively ignored—the book is full of guest lists for parties that never happened, urban guerrilla fashion tips, and a glimpse at what a truly revolutionary sex-toy catalog would look like.I, Tania is for people who like comic books but don’t care for the drawings, for readers who enjoy ’70s television and Donald Barthelme, and for fans of The Bad News Bears. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to argue the merits of punk rock versus Detroit techno with Katie Couric live on daytime TV, it may well be the book of your fever dreams.”

Portable Altamont 2005 (Coach House Books)



“An elegant, wise-ass rush of truth, hiding riotous social commentary in slanderous jokes. In Davis’ lyrical aphorisms, celebrity is a dazzling mirror of our most regal fears and dreams, as well as a dinky death rattle…It almost feels like he’s leading a palace coup. A-“ Spin Magazine on Portable Altamont, Dec 2005

“Very funny.”—Ian Svenonius, of Weird War, The Make-Up

“By turns aggressive and hilarious, it’s a twisted assault on mass culture where nothing is sacred and nothing is safe. Blowing things up has never been so much fun.”—National Post

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